Thrones in Majesty From 1st March to 19th June 2011 State Apartments Visual: Poster of the exhibition Thrones from different periods and civilisations are presented the Grand Apartments of the Château de Versailles. Fifty emblematic thrones will enable visitors to get a better grasp of the universality of the seated representation of authority, whether religious or political. Whether sober or pompous, reasonable or extravagant, thrones always convey the same symbol of legitimately established authority. This exhibition creates an original dialogue between these exceptional objects, often masterpieces, in the setting of the Château de Versailles, the place par excellence of the exercise and representation of power. Downloads [In French]: Press release Press kit Poster Press contacts Hélène Dalifard, Aurélie Gevrey, Violaine Solari 01 30 83 75 21

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